We love supporting both established and up-and-coming artists and writers in Melbourne and we do this by providing a wall space to display artwork and written pieces each month. We host a new artist and writer each month in our bustling café – commission free.

Wall of Frame

We have set up some guidelines for each artist to follow when displaying their work. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us via email, admin@thegrubclub.com.au. Download the guidelines here.

If you’d like to submit some work for consideration please email us your contacts, a bit about yourself and artwork examples to admin@thegrubclub.com.au.

Creative Writing

Four years ago Dougie penned a personality piece for each month, and we’re still using the same ones. It’s time for a change and we need your help! Simply write a creative piece between 50-55 words long, describing a month of your choice. We’ll then select one each month and pop it up on the poster. Submit your pieces below!


January strode on in defiance, a natural leader of the pack she rarely waited to be told what to do. Whether she made the right choices or not was a mere triviality to her. She was the master of her own future. She had the whole year ahead of her and she wanted to be heard!

Paul Douglas, Emerald, 2011.


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