Opening in July 2011, The General Food Store has been a dream in the making for some time. We are so pleased to be sharing our passion for wholesome food and vibrant hospitality with our fellow hills residents.

Owner Paul 'Dougie' Douglas has had fifteen years experience as a chef; beginning his career working in some of London's top fine dining restaurants before traveling to New Zealand and Australia where he continued to gain experience in the hospitality industry. It was in Melbourne where Paul met his wife Belinda and they soon started to plot their first joint business venture; The General Food Store.

As a chef and a graphic designer, Paul and Belinda soon realised food and design shared similar ideologies and naturally went hand in hand with each other. They spent many years soaking up Melbourne's food scene; documenting the things they liked and noting the things that could be done differently.

At The General Food Store we are committed to creating an ever evolving menu using seasonal ingredients mainly sourced from the local and greater Victorian food regions. Our direct trade coffee is roasted in Melbourne by the talented team at Coffee Supreme and our providore is stocked with Victorian produce and house-made goodies.

We endeavour to operate as ethically and sustainably as possible and will continue to implement ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Some initiatives include using biodegradable takeaway coffee cups and lids, sustainable light globes and a Grease Guardian grease trap. In our rear courtyard we also collect organic waste which customers collect to feed their chooks or turn into compost.

The General Food Store is an ever evolving project for us and you can be sure that coffee isn't the only thing brewing within our four walls!