Our Community Chest

We love assisting our local community therefore we have established The General Food Store's Community Chest.

Throughout the year we receive a large volume of requests for sponsorship from charity and not-for-profit organisations and of course we'd like to assist as many applications as possible. It's now even easier to apply for sponsorship from The General Food Store. Simply apply right here online. We will consider your application and be in touch with you as soon as possible with our offer.

Sponsorship Examples:

  • Free Drinks Vouchers: could be given to members of a sports team or group of volunteers.
  • Gift Voucher: could be used for a raffle or door prize.
  • Providore Hamper: could be used as a whole raffle prize.
  • Cash donation: to go towards a larger fundraising goal or project, or possibly towards an award.

Applicant Prerequisites:

  • The organisation must be either located in, or support those within Emerald and our surrounding region.
  • The sponsorship must wholly be put towards the cause/project/goal, and not be used to fund paid positions or be used for the running costs of an organisation.

Please note, our terms of sponsorship are as follows.

  • We ask that you immediately provide us with a receipt for the value of the sponsorship item provided.
  • We ask that The General Food Store logo be promoted in print and/or digital form at your event (we will provide this to you).
  • We ask that you tag us in any social media promotion where sponsors are mentioned.
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    Instagram: @thegeneralfoodstore #thegeneralfoodstore
    Twitter: @TheGeneralEats
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What date do you need the sponsorship in your possession?
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